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4 Reasons to Join the Rocky Rewards Program

At Rocky Boots, we offer a free rewards program that anybody who is a legal resident of the United States over 18 years old can join. Through our rewards program you can get access to different saving opportunities that you might otherwise miss out on, so if you are a fan of our products joining the Rocky Rewards program is a no-brainer! If you're not convinced yet, we're sure the 4 reasons below will have you ready to get started with Rocky Rewards.

Rocky Rewards

March 10, 2021 | Written by Rocky Staff | DIY

We'll Give You 100 Rewards Points Just for Signing Up

When you first join the Rocky Rewards program we'll give you 100 points just for signing up! Every 200 points can be redeemed for a $10 coupon, 300 can be redeemed for a $15 coupon, and 500 points can be redeemed for a $30 coupon, so just signing up will have you well on your way to saving money.

Earn Rewards for the Purchases You're Already Making

The Rocky Rewards program is free to join, so if you were already planning on purchasing from us it just makes sense! On top of the 100 bonus points you will earn just for signing up, each whole dollar you spend, before taxes and shipping, counts as one reward point. For example, you purchase a boot priced at $170, you then earn 170 Rocky Rewards points that can go towards one of our coupons. If that was your first purchase as part of the program, you already have more than enough points for a $10 coupon. Nice!

Sign Up For Personalized Alerts and Earn Even More Bonus Points

After you've signed up for Rocky Rewards, you can go into your account and personalize your information and account preferences. This will help us better understand what kind of products you would be interested in hearing about and how often you would like to hear from us. For example, if you let us know that you're interested in our men's work and outdoor products, we'll make sure you get notices and alerts related to those products. You'll also earn 200 points just for setting these preferences, enough for a $10 coupon.

Get Bonus Points for Your Birthday Worth $10

As part of the Rocky Rewards program, we will give you 200 bonus points during the month of your birthday each year. Consider it a birthday present to you directly from Rocky Boots!

Ready to Get Started? Sign up Here!

At Rocky Boots we appreciate our loyal customers and enjoy providing these opportunities for you to save some money on your next pair of favorite boots. If you have any questions we didn't answer in this post about Rocky Rewards please feel free to reach out to our customer service team, or get more details on our Rocky Rewards page.

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