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How do I care for my boots?

Other Tips

  • Footwear should be allowed to dry naturally before they are stored and should not be stored near any heat source.

  • Footwear should be stored at temperatures not exceeding 86 degrees F. and in normal humidity (below 70%)

Material Specific Product Care:

  • Cordura Boots: Use a soft brush to remove dirt and cleaned with mild soap and warm water. When dry, apply a coat of water repellent. This will help to maintain the color and camo pattern.

  • Leather Boots: Use a soft brush to remove dirt; polish may be applied to cover scuffs. Use a good leather conditioner or a very light coat of oil to keep your leather from drying and cracking.

  • Duty Shoes and Boots: Use black paste polish and a good leather conditioner about 3 times a year.

  • Suede Shoes and Boots: First remove the dirt with the help of small suede brush. Apply some suede protector and clean it with a specialized cleaner.

  • Patent Leather Shoes and Boots: Clean it with a soft, damp cloth using diluted detergent. Add petroleum jelly to give it a shine. In the end buff it properly to remove the excess petroleum jelly.

  • Hand Sewn Shoes and Boots: Remove loose dirt with a soft brush. Use a paste polish to cover scuffs. Apply a water repellent spray and a good leather conditioner about two times a year.

  • Insoles and Footbeds: Remove foot beds from footwear after use. This allows perspiration to evaporate.