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Rocky Women's Jasper Trac Insulated Boot

Rocky Women's Jasper Trac Insulated Boot


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The upper of these Rocky women's 8 " Jasper Trac boots has two distinctive areas; the top half is covered in split-suede leather (super comfortable) and the foot is surrounded by a rubber pac shell, which does a brilliant job at resisting abrasions. This combination of materials allows these brown boots to fit nicely yet still have a great deal of durability. You'll enjoy having the lace-up design, because it allows your feet to rest securely down inside of the footwear and it provides you with the opportunity to adjust the fit throughout the day.

While you are walking, your legs and feet will comforted by the warmth that stems from the 200 grams of ThinsulateTM insulation. This exceedingly lightweight insulation doesn't feel bulky or disrupt the fit of these women's boots; it entraps the heat that your body releases naturally and uses it to keep you warm. Additionally, the 3-ply liner is an extremely beneficial feature to have; it helps maintain the interior because it is shielded from wear, it's removable so you are able to leave it in/remove it depending on the weather and season, plus it feels particularly comfortable.

You'll be pleased with the level of traction that the PolarTrac outsole provides. Having this hard-wearing sole allows you to walk across bumpy, irregular ground with complete ease.

Whether you're planning on going hunting, looking for a dependable boot to wear outdoors, need a warm boot for the chillier months of the year, or like to throw on a comfortable pair of boots to walk your animals in the morning... this Rocky Women's Jasper Trac Insulated Boot (#4801) might very well be the right footwear for you!

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      • Water resistant construction
      • Durable rubber pac shell
      • PolarTrac outsole
      • All leather split suede upper
      • Removable 200 gram 3-Ply liner
      • 10 inches in height
      Traditional insulation - typically felt or polyfill material offers a thermal barrier without the added benefits of premium insulations.