Rocky Women's Fleece Shirt, BROWN, large

Rocky Women's Fleece Shirt


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For women, there is a common style dilemma. As you are sitting inside your home, your pajamas or sweats are so comfy that you really don't want to put on other clothes, but you want to look put together so people don't look at you strangely as you walk out your door. When it comes to you going outside and being comfortable in your attire, nothing is going to beat this Rocky Women's Fleece Shirt (style #602003).

Fleece reigns supreme in the collection of comfortable fabrics, your skin will think this Rocky women's shirt feels heavenly as it rests against it. This is a fabric that is known to keep you warm, so you can take advantage of that throughout the seasons.

It is also one of those rare materials that you can put on, without having to iron it or take it to be dry cleaned, and it always looks crisp and stylish.

This women's shirt has a chest zipper. As the temperature rises or falls, you can easily pull the zipper up or down and to adjust to the climate.

You'll look adorable, while being astoundingly comfortable in this Rocky Women's Fleece Shirt.

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    • One zip sleeve pocket
    • 1/4 Zip Shirt