Rocky Athletic Mobility Maxprotect Level 3 Boot, , large

Rocky Athletic Mobility Maxprotect Level 3 Boot

Rocky Athletic Mobility Maxprotect Level 3 Boot


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These men's boots are part of the Rocky Athletic Mobility (Level 3) collection. To ensure that this footwear is extremely durable and will not tear while you are outdoors, it has been built with Ripstop fabric. Having a front zipper is great because it prevents small objects (clumps of dirt, sharp rocks and twigs) from getting down into the interior. Having a TPU shield, as well as the toe and heel guards, will protect these camo boots against abrasions.

The upper of these boots has been transformed with a Mossy Oak Break-Up InfinityTM camouflage print; it looks astoundingly realistic and will help you blend in with the wilderness. Wearing footwear that has been treated with Rocky SIQ AtomicTM is a hunter's dream come true; it is the ultimate scent control because it completely eliminates your scent and prevents perspiration from building up.

Whether you're out in bad weather or are walking across wet terrain, the interior of these boots will remain utterly dry, because GORE-TEX® fabric has been incorporated into the footwear's design.

The fibers that makeup PrimaLoft® ECO FOOTWEAR insulation (this R.A.M boot has 1,000 grams) are able to resist compression, which allows it to retain optimal thickness and resist cold weather. Considering its thermal efficiency (retains body heat, shields you from the cold), remarkable water resistance, phenomenal breathability and unbelievably great fit, this earth-friendly insulation is certainly able to provide your footwear with extreme comfort and all-out warmth.

The black and orange hued outsole has been made from a blend of EVA and rubber. By utilizing these materials, the outsole is able to be lightweight and flexible; this is great for you because you'll be able to maintain your agility and move throughout the woods with ease.

Finding outdoor footwear that blends in with the wilderness, offers scent control, keeps your feet warm, dry and comfortable, as well as being incredibly durable is not an easy task. So, if you want top-quality footwear to wear outdoors and throughout hunting season, these 9 " Rocky Athletic Mobility L3 Boots (#4774) are the right choice for you!

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      • Rocky SIQ Atomic helps control human odor on the microbial level
      • Durably Waterproof and Breathable GORE-TEX® fabric
      • Maxprotect Level 3 for harsher, cooler, and inclement environments, or sedentary physical activities
      • Rip-stop upper with TPU shield
      • 1000 Grams of PrimaLoft ECO FOOTWEAR insulation
      • Lightweight EVA/ rubber outsole
      Traditional insulation - typically felt or polyfill material offers a thermal barrier without the added benefits of premium insulations.
      GORE-TEX® fabric features revolutionary patented technology that is windproof, waterproof and breathable. GORE-TEX® is a registered trademark of W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc.