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Substratum Direct Attach Hiker

Athletic hiking boots are waterproof



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In designing the Substratum Direct Attach Hikers, Rocky put the emphasis on making these high-performance and athletic hiking boots. They're also great snow boots and survivalist boots.

Check out these special survival features. First, if you're wearing this boot, your insole contains two fire sparkers and two wet cubes. These survival tools allow you overcome a huge wilderness challenge: building a fire in wet conditions.

Next, Rocky topped off these trail hikers with military-grade 550 paracord boot laces. These quick-drying nylon laces have a minimum 550-pound breaking strength and hundreds of survival applications, including fishing line, sewing thread, building shelter and starting fires.

Another survivalist feature! These shoes have a fuchsia footbed. Why is fuchsia an important color? Fuchsia is a color that can easily be spotted in nature. If you're lost or in distress in the wilderness, you can remove this fuchsia footbed and wave it in the air or otherwise display it in order to signal that you need help or signal search and rescue personnel who might be looking for you.

The Substratum is equipped with Rocky Climate IQTM. Climate IQ is a measure of rugged diversity. Your boot becomes a vital piece of equipment on the trail, keeping you comfortable and confident in your outdoor activities. All products with the Climate IQ insignia were purpose-designed to help you perform at your best. This particular Rocky Substratum hiker features the Hydro IQTM and Thermal IQTM aspects of Climate IQ.

Hydro IQTM is vital to experiencing nature in harsh conditions. Hydro IQ is a watertight structure that prevents moisture from seeping through the fabric, but still offers you optimal breathability. Run or trek where you like, these are athletic waterproof boots.

With Thermal IQ, these eight-inch boots also keep your feet warm. They are infused with PrimaLoft® lightweight insulation as well as AEROTHERM® zoned thermal insulation. You may be wondering: what is AEROTHERM? AEROTHERM is cutting-edge green nanotechnology thermal insulation that provides protection from both extreme cold and extreme heat. Its main component is Aerogel. Aerogel is made of more than 90 percent air and is a highly-effective insulator with the lowest conductivity of any solid. AEROTHERM provides footwear and apparel with a strong, durable and flexible material that is two to eight times more effective than traditional thermal insulation.

If you're buying trail shoes, you also want to consider all the possible conditions under which you'll be wearing them. How about snow? Yep, Substratum trail shoes work well with snowshoes and crampons! What are crampons? They're traction devices that attach to your shoes and help you walk over snow and ice. Crampons are popular for ice climbing because they improve mobility during a climb. Run, hike, trek, walk or snowshoe; these six-inch shoes work for you under many conditions.

You'll have sure footing on and off the trail with polyurethane outsoles that are direct attached for superior longevity and a permanent bond. This trekker has a proprietary wave underlay texture for element traction and shedding. A rubber enhanced toe wrap and an extended back guard help this extreme sneaker boot resist abrasions and scuffs while on or off the trail. That also helps your shoe last longer and continue to look good.

Additional performance comes from the three-quarter TPU stability and impact-resistance plate with a flexible forefoot. This boot gives you support, stability and protection for your run or hike, yet you still can move in it.

If you're going to go all out in these shoes, this footwear has to keep your feet comfortable and dry. These men's shoes have an open cell foam forefoot with polyurethane top layer. There's a fully-gusseted tongue for performance comfort. This boot has molded-foam padding. Moisture-wicking lining helps guard against sweating.

If you need extreme sport and trail boots that are ideal survival boots and stand up to harsh winter conditions, you must get these Rocky Substratum hikers!

    • Moisture Wicking Lining
    • Crampon and snowshoe compatible
    • PrimaLoft® lightweight insulation
    • Proprietary wave underlay texture for element traction and shedding
    • UST essentials located within outsole: firesparker and wetcubes (x2)
    • Three quarter TPU stability and impact resistance plate with flexible forefoot
    • Polyurethane enhanced toe wrap and extended back guard
    • Fully gusseted tongue for performance comfort
    • 550 military grade paracord boot laces
    • AEROTHERM® zoned thermal insulation
    • Polyurethane, direct attached for superior longevity and a permanent outsole bond
    • TPU arch plate
    • Open cell foam forefoot with polyurethane top layer
    • Target pattern design for max articulation
    • Tri-density molded antimicrobial insole, fuchsia colored for signaling
    • Molded foam padded with high abrasion Lycra and antimicrobial space mesh
    • 8 inches in height