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Rocky Waterfowler MudSox Waterproof Insulated Hip Boot

Rocky Waterfowler MudSox Waterproof Insul Hip Boot


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Additional Information

You may have the dates marked on your calendar, you might have heard it on the news, or perhaps your buddy mentioned it at work, either way... its hunting time! When you want to disguise yourself outdoors, hang onto dryness, and have your feet  remain nice 'n toasty just put on these Rocky Waterproof Insulated Hip Boots (#4791).

When you see someone wearing camouflage out in public, naturally it stands out like a sore thumb. Yet, when you are hunting in swampy areas, trudging through pond water, or up to your knee caps in water... this Realtree Max-4® camouflage is going to allow you to blend in with your surroundings.

While the waterproof neoprene fabric will keep you utterly dry, the rubberized knee guards will protect your knees from getting scratched up and make it more comfortable to kneel down. These #4791 hip boots will remove your fear of being exposed to wildlife, because the innovative Rocky SIQ Atomic treatment eliminates your scent within this hunting apparel.

As soon as the weather conditions change and you just see snowflakes on the five-day forecast, you'll relish in the fact that these boots are equipped with 1,000 grams of ThinsulateTM Ultra Insulation. The warmth will be there, but this insulation doesn't add bulk to your boots, so the fit will feel great. When the ground looks like a muddy slip-n-slide, the traction provided by the MudSox outsole will come in handy.

These hips boots will conceal you, while keeping you warm and comfortable..happy hunting!

    • Rocky SIQ Atomic helps control human odor on the microbial level
    • Vulcanized MudSox outsole with self-cleaning tread pattern, great for traction in the mud and muck
    • Waterproof neoprene fabric
    • 1000 grams of 3M™ Thinsulate™ Ultra insulation (boot only)
    • Rubberized knee guards
    Traditional insulation - typically felt or polyfill material offers a thermal barrier without the added benefits of premium insulations.