Rocky Infant's BearClaw Classic Outdoor Boot, , large
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  • Rocky Infant's BearClaw Classic Outdoor Boot, , small

Rocky Infant's BearClaw Classic Outdoor Boot

Rocky Infant's BearClaw Classic Outdoor Boot


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You have painted the nursery, set up the bassinet, collected enough baby wipes to last until the child turns 21-years-old, packed your hospital bag and now you are ready to bring your baby home. So that your baby gets to make a stylish entrance into society, while remaining warm and dry (at least on their feet), you should put them in these Rocky Infant's BearClaw Classic Outdoor Boots (#3410).

These boots are ridiculously adorable. While your infant may not be conscience of what they're wearing just yet, later in life they will look back at pictures and be thankful that they were dressed in such a stylish manner. From the Mossy Oak Break-Up® camouflage print, to the brown hued, full-grain leather trim, this look perfectly suits your baby.

Yet, these BearClaw boots aren't like the rest of the children's footwear you may have seen, they have so much more to offer than just a good-looking exterior. If you are pushing them in their stroller and it starts to drizzle, you won't have to be concerned that their little feet will get wet, because these boots have been built with Rocky waterproof construction.

You know how to swaddle a baby's blanket to keep them warm and comfortable, but you certainly don't want their tiny tootsies to get cold when you walk outside. With these BearClaw boots, that concern will be erased from your mind, because these boots feature 800 grams of ThinsulateTM Ultra Insulation. This is the perfect feature to ensure that their feet will remain warm, even on extremely cold days.

Stylish, dryness and warmth... this is the PERFECT pair of boots for your infant.

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    • 800 grams of 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation
    • Full-grain brown leather trim and Mossy Oak Break-Up nylon
    • Guaranteed Rocky Waterproof construction
    • 8 inches in height
    Traditional insulation - typically felt or polyfill material offers a thermal barrier without the added benefits of premium insulations.
    This product is built with quality waterproofing materials to keep you dry in wet environments.