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Rocky Athletic Mobility Level 3 Glove

Camouflage gloves are great for texting


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The sun begins to emerge over the cascading hills, birds fly around cheerfully, you are decked out in hunting apparel from head-to-toe and just passing time in your stand until the perfect target comes into focus. Waiting... anytime now... still waiting...

As picturesque as the land may be, you can only stare at the same scenery for so long. It is remarkable how an app can help you pass the time, but you don't want to take your hunting gloves off and get your hands cold. With these Rocky Athletic Mobility Level 3 Gloves (#605808) you don't have to! The gloves have been specially designed with a material on the finger and thumb that makes them touch screen compatible.

With this innovative touch-screen technology you can use any of your gadgets, without having to remove your gloves. Your fingers will enjoy feeling the warmness of the interior while you are playing games, sending text messages, checking the weather forecast or logging onto your favorite social media website. Just remember to pull yourself away from your phone if a wild animal comes into viewing range.

Another advantage of wearing these R.A.M gloves is that they have been made with Rocky SIQ Atomic. This treatment enables the fabric to eliminate your scent and aids in managing moisture inside of the gloves. As a result of this treatment, wildlife will not be able to detect your scent within the woods.

Positioned between the knuckle and the cuff of this R.A.M glove, is neoprene fabric. This fabric is lightweight and flexible, which is perfect for allowing you to maintain your mobility. On the palm, synthetic leather has been utilized, because it is a durable fabric that will not get scuffed while you are outdoors.

This hunting apparel will bring a whole new meaning to the expression "œFits like a glove. "

    • Rocky SIQ Atomic helps control human odor on the microbial level
    • Synthetic leather palm with power grip PU
    • Touch screen compatible material on finger and thumb
    • Neoprene knuckle and cuff
    • Velcro back
    • Rocky Athletic Mobility Midweight Level 2