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Rocky Women's Fleece Hooded Jacket

Rocky Women's Fleece Hooded Jacket


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At some point, life just seems to become hectic. When it doesn't seem like there are enough hours in the day, you no longer have time for frou-frou clothing. You just want to wear something that is low-maintenance, comfortable, and it is great if it can also be functional. This Rocky Women's Fleece Hooded Jacket (style #602001) is ideal for you!

With some jackets, there are so many buttons and frills that you just end up walking out the door with it hanging on your body. You don't have the time to put in all that work, just to take it off as soon as you get to the car.

You cannot believe how exceptionally low-maintenance this Rocky women's jacket is. Just put it on, pull up the full-length zipper, and you can be out the door and on your way. It will make your life simpler.

Some jackets have to be ironed and you are self-conscience about wearing it the entire time you are out in public because you might have missed a section. If you keep this jacket in the closet, in your chester drawers, or lay it over the chair that sits next to the door... the fleece isn't going to get wrinkled or crinkly.

The fleece fabric on this women's jacket is so smooth and gentle. You'll feel like a little girl who is cuddled up with her blanket. The fabric will also protect you from the cold with its warmth. If the wind gets to be a bit much, or you are having a bad hair day, then that is when this jacket's hood comes in handy.

For functionality, this Rocky women's fleece jacket has pockets  and all of them have zippers. So, you now have a place to store your keys, spare money, lipstick, or anything small. If you would have free time and want to go for a run, one of the pockets can store your music-playing device. This feature seems so small, but it allows you to have your hands free and that is great for your life.

It may not be frou-frou in the least, but it's wonderful to wear daily.

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    • Three zip pockets
    • Hooded